Kartoffelpüree-Auflauf mit knusprigem Huhn #food #recipes #foodrecipes

Kartoffelpüree-Auflauf mit knusprigem Huhn #food #recipes #foodrecipes

The employees, those with limited time, those who need to prepare something urgent for dinner, or those who have suddenly received the news that guests are coming, gather round, because these quick and practical recipes are there to save you all the trouble.

As soon as you get ready and ready to eat, you will have less time in the kitchen and more time to enjoy your meal thanks to these fast main recipes that will make everyone wonder with their flavor.

Thanks to these delicious recipes, which will not take you even 30 minutes to prepare and cook, in short, you have to set up the perfect table even in a short time!

You will love this recipe if you think that potatoes are beautiful in any state. The easily prepared mashed potatoes meet the wire noodle in hot oil, resulting in a delicious recipe.

The most beautiful Alinazik eaten in Gaziantep, in fact, can be prepared in a very easy and practical way at home. It’s a delectable recipe for those who don’t have time for Alinazic, which is prepared much faster than you think, but who know their taste.

What if we told you that making lahmacu at home is easier and faster than going out and eating it? You can prepare lahmacunu in 15 minutes at home, where there is almost no one to like, and you can make stones for the coolest lahmacuncularlara in the city.

This colorful burrito, which takes a total of 15 minutes to cook and prepare, has plenty of vegetables such as chicken, purple cabbage, yellow peppers, red peppers, arugula, carrots. The way to prepare yourself a meal that is as satisfying as it is colorful is through this delicious recipe.

We couldn’t just grill the fish, roast it, steamed it. It is up to you to make dinner delicious with this very practical fish patties recipe prepared from haddock fillets.

Grilled vegetables are for you if you’re looking for some healthier alternatives. Vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes are cooked on the grill, then pine nuts, basil, garlic and olive oil show their skills combined with homemade pesto sauce and a very cool recipe emerges.

Who could say no to a crispy fried chicken? You don’t even need an excuse to make a quickie of breadcrumbs chicken that will turn into a delicious menu with fries on the side.

We rolled up the sleeves to make the meatballs, which are at the top of the most redemptive dishes, a little cooler, a little more different. We hid mozzarella cheese in it, and pasta with it, that’s it!

We haven’t forgotten about those who don’t eat meat, because we have a recipe for them that is as delicious as it is fast. This time we added pumpkin to falafel, which we can call chickpea patties, and brought it to a consistency that everyone will love.

It’s time for a delicious recipe that will make us spend less time in the kitchen while meeting our Protein needs. You don’t actually need much time to make a practical, delicious and healthy meal.

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