Karin on Instagram: “colorful mediterranean antipasto platter with lots of grilled vegetables,…

colorful mediterranean antipasto platter with lots of grilled vegetables, homemade olive sun dried tomato bread and hummus. We are going on…

Every minute between your family, your career and the daily hustle and bustle is invaluable. You may not have much time to cook a healthy meal during this time. And in that case, are you always going to get ready meals, or are you going to eat outside?

Small tips explain how you can cook healthy meals in less time. Here are quick ways to cook healthy food:

First, cook the dishes you know the recipe. If you don’t stop to look at the recipe, you prepare and cook faster. You can try your new recipes one day when you have more time.

Allow the meat to melt before cooking. Allow the meat to come to room temperature to minimize cooking time.

You can put it in the microwave to heat your meat. But leaving your meat on the counter for hours is unhealthy.

Add salt after your vegetables change color while cooking. Because adding salt earlier slows the cooking process.

Cook your vegetables immediately after purchase. The longer you wait in the cupboard, the longer the cooking time.

Prepare your vegetables for use before lifting them into the closet. Washing your vegetables as soon as you arrive at the market or at the market saves you a great deal of time when you try to prepare healthy meals faster.

You can cut your vegetables small to save more time.

Cut your vegetables and potatoes into smaller pieces. Because it’s small, they’ll cook faster when you boil it or sauté it.

Cooking the ready-made soups you buy at the market is not a substitute for home-made soup, but it saves you time.

Cook your meals in the microwave. Healthy foods can sometimes be cooked in the microwave much faster.

consider your remaining meals a day in advance. Eat the same meal again if you want, or save the day by adding it next to it.

You can say,” there’s no food I can’t eat, “you can boast,” he eats his fingers, “or you can also think,” I’m just getting into the kitchen, but I’m very assertive.”

But there’s no such thing as being “the best” in the kitchen. Because you can always be better. Especially if you know the tricks that make the food more delicious and make it different…

Here are some of the tricks that we’re about to sort out, the methods that were left to us years ago from our grandmothers, our grandmothers, our great-great-aunts.
Try it, you will not regret it.

Add a pinch of carbonate into it while boiling the milk so that the milk is not cut

Put the peeled potatoes in a water-filled bowl to prevent blackening and add salt and stir

When making the rice, add a teaspoon of lemon juice so the rice doesn’t collapse to the bottom

Use four tablespoons if the recipe says egg-sized butter

Add a little salt to the flour to prevent it from clumping

Mixing a teaspoon of sugar into the yeast makes it blister better

When the bottom of the milk is still very hot, wrap the pot with a cloth soaked in cold water and the smell will disappear.

Or add milk to keep the color white like snow and can not smell

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